Please review our Puppy Contract and Health Guarantee as well as our Deposit Policy before applying for a puppy. Also, feel free to give me a call to make sure I will have what you are looking for in the timeframe you are wanting. 

Use the form below to apply for a pup in a current or future litter. You would also use this application if interested in a guardian home or co-owneship contract.

I ask a lot of questions, because I care deeply about my puppies and want to find the best possible homes for them. I also want to get to know you, through this application, and then by chatting on the phone with you. If you know you will love and give my puppy a great home, don’t let the amount or type of questions scare you! I look at the whole person/family and circumstances in deciding where my puppies, that I lovingly raise from birth, will spend the rest of their lives.

After you submit this application, I would then want to speak with you over the phone and check references. You may also call and chat with me first before applying. Once I have pre-approved you and you decide you definitely want to reserve a puppy at this time, speak with me and if pregnancy is confirmed, you would put down a deposit. If no litter is expected soon, you would be put on my waiting list and we would do the contract and deposit later once a pregnancy is confirmed. Do not send a deposit until approved to do so.

If you are interested in something besides purchasing a pup on a pet companion contract, consider speaking with me first before filling out the application.
Note: Pups are picked according to pick order with informed temperament testing results.

Please review my Pet Contract and make sure you are okay with my terms before applying for a puppy. I usually tweak my contract every so often and the latest one would be sent to you for signature at the time you pick your puppy. My Guardian and Co-Ownership contracts are by private treaty.  

Gaurdian Home:  It’s important to me that my poodles get lots of love and individual attention, so I may occasionally keep a puppy to add to my program or purchase one, but place them in their forever home under a guardianship. On occasion, I may place an adult that has been titled already. A guardianed pup or adult will still belong to me until they retire from my program. The benefit to the guardian home is you get my pick pup at the cost of a typical deposit and sometimes at no cost. Read more about this program on my Guardian Home and Co-Ownership Page.

Use the puppy application tab to apply to be a guardian home and indicate that interest, but feel free to speak to me first. 

Co-ownership:   I may sometimes have more than one exceptional puppy in a litter and may be willing to place that pup intact with someone I trust who shares my values under a co-ownership showing/performance breeding contract. There are differnet types of co-ownership. Read about them on my Guardian Home and Co-Ownership Page.

Use the puppy application tab to apply for a co-ownerhsip and indicate that interest, but please speak to me first to see if this will be possible. 

Deposit Policy

We are changing how we do applications and deposits at MoJazz Poodles.  We always have a large waitlist of interested applicants. We used to take deposits only after pups were born but with application date as pick order. Unfortuantely, there are so many applicants that apply to a multitude of breeders. This is not in itself bad and I get it, but it sure makes it hard for breeders to have a solid waitlist we can count on. No matter how many times we double and triple check that an applicant is definetly interested in a planned litter, then again after the breeding is done and we are expecting, people still somehow buy a pup they saw on Facebook or down the street, just a week before our pups are born. People also end up putting a non-refundable deposit down elsewhere, because the fact that we wanted to wait to take deposits made them nervous that they wouldn’t get one of our puppies.  I would prefer people call me before putting in an application and ask all the questions they need to before deciding whether to apply. I am always happy to chat. I want us to get to know each other. I want applicants that understand the value of a puppy from me and aren’t just looking for the latest cute puppy pic on Facebook. If you are sure you want a puppy from me, please do apply and be ready to put down a non-refundable deposit as soon as your application is approved (after application reviewed, your references checked, and we chat on the phone). While my deposits are now non-refundable, you are able to move your deposit to a future litter if you find yourself not ready yet. If a litter didn’t take, or your preferred color/sex/temperament combo was not there, I ask your patience in waiting for the next one. This is the only way I can continue to breed.

Pay My $500 Deposit To Reserve a Puppy

Use this form to pay your nonrefundable deposit to reserve a MoJazz Poodles' puppy. DO NOT put down a deposit until your application has been approved and you are told by the breeder that you can put a deposit down. While deposits are nonrefundable, you may move your deposit to a future litter. Previous Customers of MoJazz Poodles get a 10% discount  - ask for the coupon code to put in.

$41.00 (tax)
Total: $541.00

Your balance is due as soon as you pick your puppy. You will also receive my contract in digital form to sign in the email you provided on your application. Please sign it right away.  If you delay in paying your balance and signing the contract, I may release your pick puppy to another. 

Pay My Balance of $2000 Owed On My Previously Reserved Puppy

Use this form to pay your balance due on a MoJazz Poodles' puppy you already reserved with a deposit.   DO NOT pay for your balance due until you have committed to a specific puppy after puppy picks are made and you are told by the breeder that you may pay your balance. Previous Customers of MoJazz Poodles get a 10% discount and need to ask the breeder for the discount code to use upon checkout to apply this discount. 

$164.00 (tax)
Total: $2,164.00
Full Payment of $2500 For Your Puppy

Use this form to pay for your puppy in full. This is required if you are purchasing a specific puppy at 8 weeks or later.  DO NOT pay for your puppy until your application has been approved and you are told by the breeder that you can now make your payment. Previous Customers of MoJazz Poodles get a 10% discount and need to ask the breeder for the discount code to use upon checkout to apply this discount.


$205.00 (tax)
Total: $2,705.00

Options for getting your puppy home:

Pick up from my home in Colorado Springs, Colorado

Purchase your own roundtrip flight to Colorado Springs or Denver airports and return home with your puppy under the seat in a soft crate for an additional fee.  You must call airline first to reserve a pet spot on the return trip before making your flight reservation as they only allow 2 or 3 in cabin per flight. Airlines have different policies, so talk with me before you make a reservation as I will try to stay up to date on that. One airline requires the pup to be 10 weeks, but pup would likely be too large at that time. One airline requires a rabies vaccine which I will absolutely not give to a young puppy.

Contract for ground transportation that will deliver your puppy right to your door, anywhere in the contiguous United States.  Our PREFERRED Ground Transport company is Delifurry.  They have done an amazing job for us and our buyers and I trust them with my puppies. They give fabulous text and photo updates to both the buyer and the breeder all along the way. Their communciation is excellent! They take great precautions with young puppies who shouldn’t have their little feet touch the ground where other dogs have gone potty when parvo and other communicative diseases are a risk. One of my girl’s has been transported by them a few times and she absolutely loves them! They also offer special rates to our buyers (see below).  Their website is at www.Delifurry.com   

Contact - mojazzpoodles@gmail.com

Call or Text Mo at (937) 241-9009

Connect at MoJazz Poodles Facebook Page

Contact - mojazzpoodles@gmail.com

Call or Text Mo at (937) 241-9009

Connect at MoJazz Poodles Facebook Page

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