UR01 UKC GRCH MoJazz's Jaxon Brews Trouble GCG

Jaxon was bred by Wendy Grotheer of WeKay Standard Poodles and Kathryn Zimmerman of Rose City Standard Poodles. His sire, Apache, was #5 Multicolor Standard Poodle in UKC’s Top Ten in 2013, and #5 in 2014. His dam, Jenna, was #2 in 2012. And his sister, Harlow, who like to beat him up when they were pups, was #1 in 2015.

I was living in Virginia at the time and had Jaxon shipped via air. That cute little fluffball came out of that crate at the airport and began giving me kisses immediately. He has never stopped since. I am so in love with this boy! He is so good natured, gentle, playful, loving, and funny. He always has a toy in his mouth! If you come for a visit you will likely get lots of kisses, ear nibbles, and toys shoved at you to throw for him. He loves puppies and plays very gently with them when they are young. On top of that, he loves being groomed, and tries to jump up on the grooming table by himself so we can get started. He is a great traveler and loves going to dogs shows and staying in hotel rooms because he gets some one on one time with Mom. He imparts his great playful loving temperament onto his puppies.

Jaxon earned his UKC Championship on May 2, 2014 and his UKC Grand Championship on March 7, 2015. We didn’t have many shows close to us and had to do a whole lot of driving to get to shows!

We have been training for awhile in Rally Obedience and will start competing Fall 2016. Now that he finished his grand championship, it is time to have some fun with training and competition in performance events! 🙂

Jaxon and I are also in a Therapy Dog Training class. We should graduate in Dec 2016 and will be able to start doing visits after that. I am so very excited about this as I have wanted to do therapy work for a long time.

UR01 UGRCH MoJazz's Jaxon Brews Trouble CGC

Born: June 7, 2013

Sire: RBIS UKC GRCH URO3 Wekay’s Apache Storm RA BN CGC AOM

Dam: GRCH Wekay’s Southern Jenna Belle

Weight: 45 pounds

Height: 23 inches

Color: Black & White Parti (carries phantom, white/cream, brindle, and recessive black)

Contact - mojazzpoodles@gmail.com

Call or Text Mo at (937) 241-9009

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Contact - mojazzpoodles@gmail.com

Call or Text Mo at (937) 241-9009

Connect at MoJazz Poodles Facebook Page

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