Desi and Gus 2023 Colorado 14er Litter

All these pups have gone to their forever homes, with the exception of my keeper looking for her forever guardian family. See available guardian page.

MoJazz Poodles is excited to announce Desi Bear and Gus’ Colorado 14er Litter, due May 14, 2023. UGRCH Mozaic Lil Dust On My Boots SPOT, (Desi) was bred to UCH Ramzees Captain Augustus McCrae RI BCAT CA RATM DN CGC FDC TKA SPOT-ON VCX AKC Achiever Dog (Gus is owned by Kim Smith of Artista Poodles).

Desi is a blue phantom abstract girl and Gus is a brindle pointed phantom parti. Pups would go home around July 16th. We are expecting solids, abstracts and partis in black/blue, cream, light apricot, brindle, and phantom!  Desi is 26.6 inches tall and Gus is a small guy at 21.5 inches tall.  Desi’s OFA Health Testing.  Gus’ OFA Health Testing. This is a very nice genetic diversity pairing. See Litter Summary below. Will link a pedigree soon (we lost our poodle pedigree database and new one doesn’t allow linking to the public or have the test breeding function yet to do litter pedigrees).

We are expecting wonderful temperaments for companion, sports, therapy, service, and show.

We had 9 puppies on 14 May 2023, 5 girls and 4 boys. We had a parti boy and girl.  A cream boy and girl, a phantom boy and girl, and dark 3 abstracts (1 boy 2 girls) that could develop brindle or phantom later.  

We add puppy pics once they arrive and update them at least weekly (daily on Facebook.) 

These pups are sold on a spay/neuter contract and will be $2500.  I’m always looking for exceptional guardian homes for my keepers in or near Colorado Springs capable of maintaining poodle coat for showing (you brush, I groom).  In some cases I may look for a co-owner for an exceptional pup, who will show the pup and/or do performance sports with the pup.  Pups are raised with Puppy Culture (my 8th year of using this) and Avidog protocols, an enriched development environment, lots of socialization, sound desensitization, early neurological stimulation (ENS), early scent introduction (ESI), and temperament tested with AVIDOG APET test. I post daily pics and videos on facebook from the time they are born until the day they go home. Scroll for gallery of pup pics once they are born.

Desi and Gus Gallery

Thanks to Kim Smith for allowing me to use pics of Gus.

Day 2: Theme names and Collar Colors
Thanks for all your input on names! It was really hard since there are so many good ones. They now have their theme names (below) and collar colors to help people to tell them apart as they grow. New owners can choose whatever names they like once they go home. These are temporary fun names for while they are here that helps me to bond with each puppy versus just calling them by collar colors. Dark means they are black now but could end up black like Papa Gus or blue like Mama Desi. Most of the time we will know which by pick time.
Snowmass — #1 female, dark abstract (white on chest and 3 feet) pink collar.
Little Bear — #2 female, dark phantom, green collar (hoping she is really nice as I’d love a phantom keeper)
Sherman — #3 male, cream, purple collar
Sunshine — #4 female, cream, teal collar
Quandary or Carson — #5 male, dark phantom abstract, red collar
(I like Quandary because it fits my situation on whether to keep a girl or boy, but Carson is a nice name also)
Torreys — #6 female, dark abstract (thin white line on chest), yellow collar
Windom — #7 female, dark parti, orange collar
Wilson — #8 male, dark abstract (arrowhead white marking on chest), blue collar
Castle — #9 male, dark parti, apple green collar
Day 5: Here at MoJazz Poodles, our Desi and Gus pups had their first day of Early Nuerological Stimulation (ENS), Early Scent Introduction (ESI) from Avidog,  and my own Early Texture Introduction (ETI). The scent for ESI today was Anise. I usually video this once at the beginning and towards the end. I will also try to video the gluten as ESI sessions. We do this daily up to Day 16, except when there are other stressful events going on. I also give a closer view of each pup in the videos, their markings, etc. Enjoy! (see videos above) How pups react to these exercise has nothing to do with temperament at this stage. This is stress inoculation and you will see most of them really fuss about it in the early days of it. In practice, I usually end with cuddling and stroking each pup before moving on to the next one. 

Day 8 in the whelping box with tail wagging Desi and her puppies. I talk about the importance of caressing and long stroking of puppies’ fur, especially their faces and the relationship to future nurturing behavior in the pups. A good Doggie Mom will do this but some pups may get more attention than others. Some Mom’s may rarely lick faces. As a breeder we can supplement the Mom’s attention by making sure all the pups get our nurturing caresses while they are here. I caress pups while they are nursing or napping and while cuddling next to me or in my neck and I gently rub my face and my nose on their little sweet faces. I made a video of that last part too but I look stupid. I hate being on camera. lol

Desi and Gus Pups Day 10: I wanted to put the traction mats down earlier but couldn’t find my old ones (missing since my last Aubrey litter) and had to purchase more. They arrived today! I talk about why I like to use these in the video.

Desi and Gus Pups Day 12: So many great videos taken but decided on this one to represent the stage they are in today. They get loud and scuttle about trying to get to Desi as she is trying to clean them. They are HUNGRY! And Desi Bear is so beautiful, such a great Momma, settling in and gathering her babies in to her so gently. THIS! This is the chaos and the beauty and I am priveleged and blessed to have a front row seat. 💕

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Contact -

Call or Text Mo at (937) 241-9009

Connect at MoJazz Poodles Facebook Page

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