Will be updating site soon

I have avoided updating this website for a very long time. It also needs a big design overhaul. It was my first website and all the websites I design for clients look so much better then this one. It’s embarrassing, really. But, every time I log on to start to work on it, I am confronted with the fact that my Maya’s page needs to be updated and I end up not doing any updates at all and logging off.  My beloved Maya, one win away from her grand championship, passed away last year. While I was on the road out of state delivering a few puppies from my Texas Wildflower Litter, she swallowed a sock, had surgery for the obstruction and didn’t make it. I will forever miss her and will always love her. I write this crying like a baby, still…  So, I apologize for not updating in so long. I am going to have to get pass this and make some updates soon. I do have a litter due in April with Jade so I definitely need to update the available page.  I also have some new poodles to add, my guardian girls I kept from my last litter (one a new grand champion), a little one year old red poodle, and a big humongous 8 month old phantom pup. So, stay tuned for updates.