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Planned breeding in Late Fall 2023

Spring 2023 Litter - Born 14 May 2023

Application and Deposit Process

We are changing how we do applications and deposits at MoJazz Poodles.  We always have a large waitlist of interested applicants. We used to take deposits only after pups were born but with application date as pick order. Unfortuantely, there are so many applicants that apply to a multitude of breeders. This is not in itself bad and I get it, but it sure makes it hard for breeders to have a solid waitlist we can count on. No matter how many times we double and triple check that an applicant is definetly interested in a planned litter, then again after the breeding is done and we are expecting, people still somehow buy a pup they saw on Facebook or down the street, just a week before our pups are born. People also end up putting a non-refundable deposit down elsewhere, because the fact that we wanted to wait to take deposits made them nervous that they wouldn’t get one of our puppies.  I would prefer people call me before putting in an application and ask all the questions they need to before deciding whether to apply. I am always happy to chat. I want us to get to know each other. I want applicants that understand the value of a puppy from me and aren’t just looking for the latest cute puppy pic on Facebook. If you are sure you want a puppy from me, please do apply and be ready to put down a non-refundable deposit as soon as your application is approved (after application reviewed, your references checked, and we chat on the phone). While my deposits are now non-refundable, you are able to move your deposit to a future litter if you find yourself not ready yet. If a litter didn’t take, or your preferred color/sex/temperament combo was not there, I ask your patience in waiting for the next one. This is the only way I can continue to breed.

I raise all my litters with Puppy Culture Protocols, some additions from AVIDOG, and many of my own puppy development practices. I am passionate about raising the best possible family member for my puppy owners! See Our Puppy Development  page for more info on my puppy development program.

Upcoming Litter Plans

Plans for 2023


My girl Desi (guardianed in Texas) was bred to Kim Smith’s Gus and had her final beautiful litter on May 14th.  (See her announcement on this page and details of the litter on their individual litter page.) 

Late Fall/Winter Litters

Since Freedom’s Spring litter with Hero didnt take, she will be bred at her next heat, around October for a small standard litter. Stud will be Hero’s light red parti son, Vino, for an all apricot/red based litter (solids, partis and abstracts).  This was our original plan for Freedom for Spring, but Vino was in Miama for the winter and just too hard to make it work. We are excited to return to this plan! We will not attempt to ship semen again but will bring her to Colorado from her guardian home in Texas as soon as she goes into heat and go pick up Vino from his guardian home in Iowa. (See Announcement on this page.) If for some reason, timing is such that we dont have enough time to pick up both, we could fall back to Hero who is in Colorado in his guardian home, but either way we want an in person natural breeding this time. 

Plans for 2024

Note: 2024 litters will go when I have enough deposits to have a litter.

Pending health testing, we may breed our brindle pointed phantom girl, Breezy, in 2024. Stud TBD.  She can produce phantom, black/blue, brindle, apricot/cream, brown, parti and possibly sable – all depending on the stud chosen.  I do have a handsome stud in mind that carries phantom, brown and parti, but plans are still loose right now.

We may breed either Joy (apricot who carries phantom and parti) or Skye (black abstract who carries parti and apricot/cream) later in 2024, pending health testing.  Stud TBD.  We do have AKC CH Drakkar frozen sperm and would like to use it with either Skye or Firefly. I think he would complement both very well. 

Plans for 2025

Firefly will turn 2 in July 2024 and get health her health tested completed for breeding sometime in 2025. I may breed her to a AKC CH for all solids her first litter. If we have a second litter in another year, I may breed her for phantoms. She carries cream/apricot, phantom, recessive black, but does not carry parti. I forgot to test her for brown which is also a possibility. We will know before breeding.   

If Joy, Skye, or Breezy didnt get bred in 2024, its possible for 2025.

See our “Past Puppies” page for our previous litter pages.

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Contact - mojazzpoodles@gmail.com

Call or Text Mo at (937) 241-9009

Connect at MoJazz Poodles Facebook Page

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