Naming the Texas Litter

I have lived in many states since we were in the military. My first litter was born in Virginia during my last few months before my military retirement (after 21 years in the Air Force). So, even though there was no specific theme, I call it the Virginia litter. My second litter, was born after my retirement, when I moved back to my home town for 11 months. I call it the Louisiana Litter and I had fun naming those after Cajun spices, famous cajun names, and even had one named Alligator. My husband got a government job working in San Antonio so we moved yet again. So, this third litter, is the Texas litter. Not sure what I will do once I stop moving for awhile! LOL. I enlisted the help of poodle lovers on poodle facebook sites and my facebook friends to help me name these. The pics are the names that resulted. 🙂

Texas Litter Boys Named

Texas Litter Girls Named

Pre-whelp X-ray

Vet says 8. I only see 7 and one is a T-Rex! LOL Jazz does not seem to be in any rush here. I was a bit worried when they weighed her as she is 13 more pounds, but they said its not all puppies (good thing). Hoping this is more accurate than usual. First litter they said 5 and she had 9. Second litter they said 7 and she had 10. 8 would be nice!Jazz Xray 20151016(enhanced)