MoJazz Multi-Colored Poodles

Gorgeous Multi-Colored and Solid Standard Poodle Puppies, located in Colorado Springs, CO


MoJazz Multi-Colored Poodles

Gorgeous Multi-Colored and Solid Standard Poodle Puppies, located in Colorado Springs, CO


Welcome to MoJazz Poodles!

We offer exceptional AKC/UKC registered,  multi-colored and solid standard poodle puppies from health and diversity tested  parents near Colorado Springs, Colorado (We moved from Texas in Nov 2020). Our pups are typically from Champion and Grand Champion parents. We typically have one to two litters a year.

We offer a 3 year health guarantee and a lifetime of breeder support. Puppies receive a minimal vaccination protocol (better for their health), are microchipped, tails done in a long show dock, with dew claws intact.

I’m known for how I raise my puppies. Its my passion! I’ve been focusing on developing social, confident, resilient puppies with Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS), Early Scent Introduction (ESI), an enriched development environment, sound desensitization and socialization. I’ve been using Puppy Culture protocols since 2015 and in 2021 I added some Avidog protocols. I temperament test with an Avidog APET or a performance modified Volhard to determine which puppies are the best match for your family and lifestyle. I’m always trying to make the pup’s transition to your home easier, with crate training, litter box training, leash training and learning to work for treats. See my Puppy Development page for more information.

Feel free to friend me or follow me on Facebook to follow along with the puppies journey from birth to when they leave. I post daily pics and videos in each litters’ album.

Please look around my website and feel free to contact me if you have any questions. I look forward to hearing from you and I hope I can help you find the furry pawed “love of your life!”  

— Warmly, Mona “Mo” Stilson


May God bless you with a poodle for the journey!

Standard poodles are a wonderfully versatile, smart, beautiful, athletic, loyal, and loving breed.

They were originally bred to be water retrievers and some still excel at hunting and water sports. They absolutely love a game of fetch or catch the frisbee! Many are hiking or jogging partners, couch potato buddies, a best friend, service and alert dogs, therapy dogs, and show dogs. Standard poodles not only compete in conformation shows, but also obedience, rally, agility, weight pull, hunting trials, nosework, lure coursing, dock diving and more! Multi-colored poodles can compete in all performance events in AKC, just not conformation. UKC does not discriminate by color and multi-colored poodles can compete in all events.

Both AKC and UKC allow the registration of all colors, except for Merle, which is not purebred. They come in so many beautiful colors and patterns. You are bound to find one that takes your breathe away! If I don’t have what you are looking for, ask me for a referral to a reputable breeder that does have your preferences.

Standard poodles are known for their comical antics. They make me laugh every single day! They also know how to look into your soul and melt your heart. Seriously.

Poodles are the choice for most people with dog allergies. They are non-shedding. The Standard Poodle can be groomed in an elegant continental show trim for those that are willing to keep up with the brushing and combing or a practical short sporting trim for those that have less time for grooming and want more time for other activities with their dogs. There are many fun trims in between the two. Every poodle will still require some regular attention to coat upkeep and grooming. If you don’t ever want to pick up a brush, look for another breed, or make a weekly grooming appointment. However, owning a standard poodle is so worth the brushing – and it could become your own form of meditation!

Be careful, once you get your first standard poodle, it is hard to stop!

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Call or Text Mo at (937) 241-9009

Connect at MoJazz Poodles Facebook Page

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